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Dear visitor,

To find the most suitable CAD Utility for your needs on the internet is the time consuming task. We hope that this website will save your time, and even more it helps you to make the right choice what finally will make your work with your CAD more pleasant and more effective.

PLEASE NOTE: This website doesn't contain all of the avaiable CAD Utilities. We reserve the right to decide which CAD utilities are suitable to publish on this website. This right should guarantee that all of the published CAD utilities will be valuable and in high quality. Feel free to use it if you like, but note that CAD Utilities on this site might not have been updated in a while.

This website provides a web-based index of various CAD utilities for various CAD Systems or CAD Independent CAD Utilities

On this website Anyone can

  • Comment on any CAD Utility and rate it.
  • Make a review of any CAD Utility and ask for publishing it.
    The Author of this website decides if it will be published or not.

On this website a CAD Utility Developer can

  • Submit as many CAD Utilities as desired for free.
  • Add relevant parameters (description, screenshot, video, instructions, publisher URL, eShop URL and a download URL).
  • Edit and update the CAD Utility description and parameter whenever needed.

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