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IntelliCAD Utilities (2)

IntelliTurn (Free)

Free IntelliCAD tool! for Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis)

10 default types of vehicles are supported. Every vehicletype has its own figuration ruled by a combination of segments, the first segment is the truck, the second is either a trailer or a tow bar and so on. You can easily create your own vehicles by copying a existing vehicle and change parameters. You can use up to 4 segments including the truck, that would give you a Triple trailer and we think that would cover most of the common situations.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 23 February 2016 12:15

Topography in IntelliCAD Featured

An add-on for IntelliCAD, for the triangulation of a set of POINTS, isolines, the volume and center of gravity of a set of bodies or between surfaces composed of 3DFACE. You can load a file of points having the format: Number X Y Z Code. You can make cross sections, longitudinal profile and color-filled contour map.

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Last modified on Friday, 04 March 2016 11:25

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