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CADTools + Vehicle Turning (Free)

Free AutoCAD and ZWCAD+ tool! Now with Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis)

CadTools (ToolBox) is a software developed for Civil Engineers using AutoCAD or ZWCAD.

With CadTools you can create your own surface models based on objects in the drawing or import triangles from DWG (other civil software). You can create profiles and cross-sections of multiple surfaces, calculate volumes and plot contours.

Vehicle turning software simulates vehicle turning at low speed and determines vehicle tire tracking and swept paths. Its useful in the design of road intersections, parking lots and other vehicular facilities.

10 default types of vehicles are supported. Every vehicletype has its own figuration ruled by a combination of segments, the first segment is the truck, the second is either a trailer or a tow bar and so on. You can easily create your own vehicles by copying a existing vehicle and change parameters. You can use up to 4 segments including the truck, that would give you a Triple trailer and we think that would cover most of the common situations.

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Additional Info

  • Features:


    Major Group of cCommands in CadTools

    • Text
      Insert or remove characters to single line text / Align text to UCS and scale it / Align Text to Left / Send selected text to Excel / Line Aligned Text / Capitalize/Uncapitalize text
    • Lines
      Area calculation of polylines based on color or layer. Results can be exported to Excel / Export polyline coordinates to Excel / Length calculate of polylines based on color or layer. Results can be exported to Excel / Reverse polyline / Point section and offset from polyline / Draw slopemarks from polylines / Offset 3DPolylines / Create cylinders (pipes) from polylines/lines. / Profile 3DPolyline Create road signs and markings / Level out 3Dpolyline / Transverse 3D lines between 3D Polylines (3D Slope signs) / Join 3D Polylines / Draw Slope Arrows for 3Dpolylines (Ditch bottom slope direction) / Stationing Polyline / Line Aligned Text / Edit Polyline Elevation and slope (In table) / Create 3D alignment from plan and profile / Best fit, 3D-polyline regression. / Simplify command for 3D-polylines / Set polyline elevation by nearest text, fixes contours with no elevation but text! / Lines/Polylines to EPANET INP-file
    • Layers
      All layers on / All layers off but selected / All layers off but current / Layer off by object / Xref layer freeze by single object / Move to layer by object / Set current layer by object / Delete layer
    • Draw
      Draw polylines, circles and blocks from coordinates. Paste from Excel to CadTools
    • Surface
      Generate longitudinal features (ditch bottom, surface interception) with cut/fill tick marks. / Import Triangulated Surface from Graphic (from other software) / Triangle Volume and color cut/fill areas in plan. / Triangulate objects (create surface models) / Drape surface with objects and lines / Pick and annotate elevation from surface / Create wireframe surface / Cut & Fill areas in cross-sections / Create Surface Profiles / Create Surface Cross Section / View Surface Slope and Direction / View Perimeter for flat (or any slope interval) Surface Areas / Pick and annotate Slope vector from surface / Constrained triangulation (breaklines) / Surface Contours / Trickle, traces the path of a drop of water down a selected surface. / Volume by Elevation, triangle volumes at intervals / Trickle All, evaluate surface water paths.
    • Convert
      Convert 3DPolylines to 2Dpolylines / Convert 3DFaces to 3Dpolylines / Convert arc to 3Dpolyline / Create coordinate grid / Place sloped text / Convert Circle to 3Dpolyline
    • Xref
      Open Xref by Object / Detach Xref by Object / Save/Load Xref-settings to/from file
    • Block
      Edit block attribute text / Annotate block elevation / Drainage network evaluation, evaluation of block (manholes) and Lines (pipes). Result in Excel / Export block information to Excel (coordinates, attribute values)
    • Hatch
      Export Hatch area to Excel
    • Miscellaneous
      Vehicle Turning Simulation (Vehicle Tracking)
    • Drafting
      Annotate Profiles/Cross sections


    Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis)

    • Configure vehicles of your own and do analysis in the drawing. Much faster design than using turning templates.
    • Create surface cross-sections as 2D or 3D. Display crossing reference lines
    • Surface Contours
    • View Surface slope and direction. Easily detect flat areas. Perimeter of areas with userdefined slopes.
    • Create real 3D cut and fill by applying end-conditions to 3Dpolylines. Very simple and powerful step by step process.
    • Create Give Way
    • Create Chevrons
  • Publisher: Glamsen
  • Operating Systems: Windows
  • CAD Requirements: AutoCAD 2001-2015, ZWCAD+
  • Other Requirements: -
  • License types: Freeware

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how to design a noise barrier (earth wall) with CadTools

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