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Application is dedicated for road industry.

Using the application the user can create elements of the road, design traffic organization and analyze the path of vehicles.

Application elements:

  • Vertical signs
  • Horizontal marks
  • Designing of signs
  • Elements of crossings
  • Klothoide
  • Path Analysis
  • Car Park
  • Design of roads
  • Insert blocks at equal intervals (measure)
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    Additional Info

    • Features:


      Vertical road signs

      • library of basic typical signs
      • expandable library for customized designs
      • module for the signs and the directions of the village

      Horizontal road signs

      • lengthwise marking (axis, edges, stop lines)
      • transverse marking (pedestrian crossings, bike crossing)
      • arrows (direction arrows, guide arrows)
      • marking of parking spaces (perpendicular, slant, packet, face to face, passage)

      Basic construction of road structures

      • large drop
      • small drop
      • dividing islands
      • s-curve
      • triangle island
      • parallel island

      Simulation of vehicle movement

      • pick points
      • along the path
    • Publisher: UsÅ‚ugi Informatyczne SZANSA Sp. z o.o.,
    • Operating Systems: Windows
    • CAD Requirements: ZWCAD Classic
    • Other Requirements: -
    • License types: Commercial
    • Price: $ 250

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