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Application is a set of functions which supports the work with ZWCAD, by automation of used commands. 

The application is a next generation version of the TOOLS. 

It works with version ZWCAD Classic.


  • Save file with backup
  • Inserts point with name and number
  • Save coordinates of selected file to external *.csv file
  • Inserts points with descriptions from text file.
  • Saves coordinates of selected point to *.csv file
  • Draws points, lines or spline
  • Settings
  • Draw axis
  • Insert axis to object.
  • Draw arc axis
  • Draw axis by offset
  • Change letters case
  • Convert text to polyline
  • Changes the contents of the text
  • Counts number of blocks
  • Inserts blocks according to data from csv file
  • Quick Block
  • Add to block
  • Remove from block
  • Total length of the line
  • Total length of an arc
  • Total length of objects (line,, ellipse, polyline, spline, arc, circle)
  • Total surface area of selected objects
  • Counts the length of the line between the indicated points
  • Transforms circles on the points
  • Points and circles report
  • Scale drawing from inches to millimeters
  • Scale drawing of millimeters to inches
  • Aligning objects
  • Alignment group of objects
  • Rotate with Copy
  • Array of objects by points
  • Mirror by point
  • Extended trim
  • Grating
  • Draws a series of arrows between points
  • Check update ZWToolbox Classic
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    Additional Info

    • Features:


      Save file with backup

      This function will save drawing file and additionally make a backup copy, where the name of new file is the old name with additional date and time of save. It saves it in the following format: “Name_year-month-day_hour.minute.second”

      Changes the contents of the text

      Depending on the text required to change, you type in the text Prefix and Suffix. When you select the option „Overwrite old text ", existing text will be deleted. If you do not select this option the old text it will be added with the Prefix and Suffix.

      Inserts point with name and number

      Name a series points and begin number. The inserted points will be a point object and text with the series name and number increased incrementally.

      Saves coordinates of selected points or objects to *.csv file.

      Export coordinates of points or objects to a .csv file.

      Insert blocks according to data from csv file.

      The function allows multiple insertions into the drawing of blocks with attributes, which is defined in the current drawing. The block is inserted according to parameters given in csv file.

      Draws points, lines or spline

      Using this function you can insert points to a drawing of the coordinates from a text file, connect points using lines or spline.


      The user can insert axis between points, axis of the object, axis by offset and arc axis.

      Length of the Elements

      Measure the length of individual elements on the existing drawing. It is also possible to add more objects to get the total length of the objects (line, ellipse, polyline, spline, arc, circle).

      Counts the length of the line between the indicated points

      This function allows us to count the length of the line between the indicated points along the lines selected. Objects available are polylines, lines and arcs.

      Counts number of blocks

      This function show us number of indicated  blocks.

      Quick Block 

      This function allows you to create a block by specifying the elements that are to contain in it.

      Add to block 

      This command allows you to add more elements to the existing block.

      Remove from block 

      Activate the command and select the items you want to be removed from the block.

      Extended trim

      By this command each elements crossing selected edge will be trim. 

      Check update ZWToolbox Classic 

      You have the ability to check whether it has the latest version of the overlay, which is under license.

    • Publisher: Usługi Informatyczne SZANSA Sp. z o.o.,
    • Operating Systems: Windows
    • CAD Requirements: ZWCAD Classic
    • Other Requirements: -
    • License types: Commercial
    • Price: $ 100

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