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Mesh Unfolder in a general unfolding utility for unfolding 3D mesh data. It imports DXF/STL/OBJ/WAV surface data exported from a CAD system, extracts the 3D meshes, unfolds (i.e. flattens) the mesh, by minimising tensions, and exports the unfolded data back to the CAD system. A powerful utility that is more general than Sheet Lightning (above) and can be used to unfold boat panels, shoes, lamp shades, aerofoils, or anything else that is made from sheet material.

MESH UNFOLDER is very powerful CAD software that is able to unfold 3D CAD designs that are more general than the design set of Sheet Lightning v6, defined by 3D mesh surfaces or surface models. A mesh can be created in most CAD systems, such as Autocad, exported to a DXF/STL/OBJ/WAV file, then imported and unfolded in the Mesh Unfolder software.

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  • Features:


    The mesh program tackles the difficult problem of converting a 3D formed surface into a 2D unfolded pattern. The problem is that designs like these have tensions in the surface arising from the deformation in material when the product is formed. Mesh Unfolder reverses the process to calculate the best result - i.e. the result with the most even tension distribution.

    MESH UNFOLDER is a very powerful and versatile tool. When combined with skills in general CAD environments, such as Autocad, meshes can be create from lines, arcs and spline curves to form any shape

    Mesh Unfolder can also be used as a file conversions tool. Not all CAD systems provide importing facilities for the supported file type - such as STL files. Mesh Unfolder can be used to simple load the 3D geometry and save it in DXF format, which is supported by most systems.

  • Publisher: Revcad Ltd.
  • Operating Systems: Windows
  • CAD Requirements: -
  • Other Requirements: -
  • License types: Demo/Commercial
  • Price: $ 75


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