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the tbl2cad is Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) add-in to export Excel tables to the DXF file format (as lines & text objects) as well as to import DXF tables containing the line & text objects to the Microsoft Excel table. The add-in is CAD independed and you can process your tables independent to your actual CAD system.

There is avaiable also free version. The free version of tbl2cad writes the text "Free version" instead of your text and it is designed especially to test the add-in with your Excel. Anyway - the free version can be also used to export the Excel table geometry (includuding the text sizes & position) to the DXF file.

InnerSoft CAD is a plug-in for AutoCAD that installs a set of productivity tools for Civil and Survey engineering, Counting, Estimating and measurements in construction project budgets. You can:

  • Export to an Excel Sheet the values of Area/Length property or coordinates for various AutoCAD entities.
  • Import from an Excel Sheet the vertex coordinates for a set of 2D polylines or 3D polylines (you can choose between 3 different methods). You can also import a set of points from Excel or a set of Texts with an insertion point for each one.
  • Convert splines into polylines. Convert objects into polylines. Convert vertices of objects into points.
  • Extract all block definitions of a drawing in individual AutoCAD files (each block definition in a single file).
  • Sum the area or length property of a set of objects. Sum accumulated distance of a user defined walk in the drawing.
  • Draw the longitudinal profile of a terrain or set of surfaces. Triangulate a set of points or mesh a model surface.
  • Get measurements on AutoCAD drawings for construction project budgets.
  • Create, open or save different libraries, which contain a series of AutoCAD drawings (*.dxf or *.dwg) organized by books.
  • Draw a polyline graph, a 2D & 3D convex hull; lines, planes, circles and spheres by regression from a selection of points; clothoids, parabolas, catenaries, circular transition curves, Wholly Transitional Curves, clothoid transition curves and parabolic vertical transitions.

AutoDWG Attribute Extractor is for batch extracting of attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without running AutoCAD.

Stand-alone application, run without AutoCAD : This featured Attribute Extractor is stand-alone, it runs completely without Autodesk products.

Batch Process: This application enables you to batch extract attribute data from numerous files in one go.

Three target formats supported: Attribute extractor supports source formats as DWG and DXF, version from R9 to 2016, and target format as TXT, CSV and Excel format.

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