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Acme TraceArt Featured

Acme TraceArt provides professional and fast transform functions from raster drawing into vector format; it can be used in various engineering drawings including architectural, mechanical, geological, GIS, electrical drawings etc.

TraceART is a professional raster to vector conversion program (Vectorizer). TraceART can let you quickly convert uneditable scanned paper drawings into accurate vector files for editing in any CAD program. It saves the converted file as an industry standard DXF file (Data Exchange Format) that can be read by any CAD program that supports this format. TraceART is a direct replacement for traditional tracing and digitizing, releases you from tiring work.

Last modified on Monday, 29 February 2016 10:02

Additional Info

  • Features:


    TraceART converts the raster image into a vector DXF file. Then, you can import the DXF file into your CAD program.

  • Publisher: DWG TOOL Software
  • Operating Systems: Windows 98 / NT4 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / windows7/ win8/ win8.1
  • CAD Requirements: -
  • Other Requirements: -
  • License types: Trial/Commercial
  • Price: $ 79.50

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