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On this CAD website you find various CAD utilities for various CAD Systems.

The website has just started... there will be added more usefull CAD utilities during next weeks.

List of CAD Utilities

AcadCalcStair: is the program for calculations in AutoCAD (any formats of numbers) and Stair & Rail drafting. With this program you can do mathematical operations; calculations of triangles, slopes and stairs. Results of calculations can be used directly for performing AutoCAD commands: move, copy and others. Options: copy and paste numbers (decimal or architectural formats) in AutoCAD MText or Text editor; write calculations and add comments in Protocol, copy and paste contents of Protocol in any Text editor (Word or Notepad); get distances from AutoCAD and use them in calculations; set parameters and draw stair (plan and elevation view).

Note: This utility is included also into Acad Officer

20 programs in one package, 30 forms, 362(!) VB and AutoLISP routines: Structural & Arch. Design/Drafting, Steel Detailing + general AutoCAD utilities.

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