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Acad Officer

20 programs in one package, 30 forms, 362(!) VB and AutoLISP routines: Structural & Arch. Design/Drafting, Steel Detailing + general AutoCAD utilities.

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Additional Info

  • Features:


    It contains many usefull CAD tools:
    AcadCalcStair- the program for calculations in AutoCAD (any formats of numbers) and Stair & Rail drafting.
    AcadExplorer - the program provides fast navigation, effective file management in AutoCAD + set of valuable Batch procedures.
    FlatShot Pro - application designed for automatic creation of 2D drawings from AutoCAD 3D Models
    Visual Weld - the program for adding Weld Symbols in AutoCAD drawings
    Filter-Action - apply different types of filters for fast selection in AutoCAD
    NYacad Symbols - a collection of VBA applications for adding standard symbols in any drawing
    Quick ViewPort - a VBA application for creating ViewPorts in PaperSpace
    Dim Over! - the program for fast adding and modification of dimensions and leaders in AutoCAD
    Acad Break - to break lines and objects with BreakLines
    NYacad Text - a set of AutoCAD Text, Mtext and Dimension utilities:
    Hatch Fast - the program for fast hatching in AutoCAD + real drafting tool
    Acad Pipe - the application for quick design and drafting of piping in AutoCAD
    Detailing Balusters - Quick Detaling of balusters added with Hatch Fast program
    ... etc: Batch commands / Titles / Marks / Bolts / Bubbles / Sections / MultiLines / Quick Mirror / Dim Conti / Deck/Concrete / Count Text, Blocks, Xrefs / W&WT, Rolled beams

  • Publisher: NYacad Inc.
  • Operating Systems: Windows
  • CAD Requirements: AutoCAD┬« 2002 or higher
  • Other Requirements: -
  • License types: Demo/Commercial
  • Price: $ 240

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