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An add-on CAD utility package for use with AutoCAD Architecture (or AutoCAD MEP). It contains a suite of additional commands. A few highlights includes a Ceiling Grid Generator, Auto-Layering for annotation layers, dozens of keyboard macros, point aids, and much more.

The KCS Productivity Pack is now a free utility, which may be authorized upon purchasing. All features are included whether authorized or not.

An add-on for AutoCAD. for the design of furniture for kitchen, room, bar or bedroom!

This program can help you to:
  - design rapidly new furniture, starting from the existing plates or bodies
  - the client can see the image of the furniture before the manufacturing
  - obtain the cost price
  - launch immediately the manufacturing of the furniture, the documentation being generated automatically

An add-on for AUTOCAD, which determines the developed (unfolded) section of one set of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH or 3DFACE entities and vertical plans passing through a 2D POLYLINE which may contain arcs, in XOY plane.

An add-on for AUTOCAD, which determines the 3D intersection curves between 2 sets consisting of 3DFACE, 3DSOLID or 3DMESH entities. The outcome is represented by 3DPOLY entities.

Draw Non-deletable watermark in AutoCAD®, and the watermark can be displayed without ObjectArx loaded, and will never be deleted.

Application is a set of functions which supports the work with ZWCAD, by automation of used commands. 

The application is a next generation version of the TOOLS. 

It works with version ZWCAD Classic.


  • Save file with backup
  • Inserts point with name and number

InnerSoft CAD is a plug-in for AutoCAD that installs a set of productivity tools for Civil and Survey engineering, Counting, Estimating and measurements in construction project budgets. You can:

  • Export to an Excel Sheet the values of Area/Length property or coordinates for various AutoCAD entities.
  • Import from an Excel Sheet the vertex coordinates for a set of 2D polylines or 3D polylines (you can choose between 3 different methods). You can also import a set of points from Excel or a set of Texts with an insertion point for each one.
  • Convert splines into polylines. Convert objects into polylines. Convert vertices of objects into points.
  • Extract all block definitions of a drawing in individual AutoCAD files (each block definition in a single file).
  • Sum the area or length property of a set of objects. Sum accumulated distance of a user defined walk in the drawing.
  • Draw the longitudinal profile of a terrain or set of surfaces. Triangulate a set of points or mesh a model surface.
  • Get measurements on AutoCAD drawings for construction project budgets.
  • Create, open or save different libraries, which contain a series of AutoCAD drawings (*.dxf or *.dwg) organized by books.
  • Draw a polyline graph, a 2D & 3D convex hull; lines, planes, circles and spheres by regression from a selection of points; clothoids, parabolas, catenaries, circular transition curves, Wholly Transitional Curves, clothoid transition curves and parabolic vertical transitions.

Free AutoCAD and ZWCAD+ tool! Now with Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis)

CadTools (ToolBox) is a software developed for Civil Engineers using AutoCAD or ZWCAD.

With CadTools you can create your own surface models based on objects in the drawing or import triangles from DWG (other civil software). You can create profiles and cross-sections of multiple surfaces, calculate volumes and plot contours.

Vehicle turning software simulates vehicle turning at low speed and determines vehicle tire tracking and swept paths. Its useful in the design of road intersections, parking lots and other vehicular facilities.

10 default types of vehicles are supported. Every vehicletype has its own figuration ruled by a combination of segments, the first segment is the truck, the second is either a trailer or a tow bar and so on. You can easily create your own vehicles by copying a existing vehicle and change parameters. You can use up to 4 segments including the truck, that would give you a Triple trailer and we think that would cover most of the common situations.

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