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Wood Product Beams and Joists for AEC

This module provides an easy way to create wood beams, joists, rafters, plates, hips and valleys, along with tags and beam schedule, using AutoCAD Architecture (ACA) or MEP, versions 2010 through 2016. This module provides not only the members, but also the MVBlock (tag), Property Set Definition, Schedule table style, and Display Configurations. Hips and Valleys can be easily created using a special input dialog to handle the calculation involved.

All standard U.S. member types are provided, including lumber, I-Joists, LVL, PSL, and GLB members. The members created are actual ACA Structural Member objects, and standard ACA technology is used as the foundation for the tags and schedule as well, but with much enhancement.

Last modified on Tuesday, 09 February 2016 12:52

Additional Info

  • Features:


    Wood Shapes
    Placement Options
    Chamfer Corner(s) to Match Rafter
    Add Hip/Valley
    The Schedule
    Layer Key Overrides
    Display Properties

  • Publisher: Krupa CADD Solutions
  • Operating Systems: Windows
  • CAD Requirements: AutodeskĀ® AutoCADĀ® Architecture and MEP versions 2010 - 2016
  • Other Requirements: -
  • License types: Trial/Commercial
  • Price: $ 300

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